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If you are searching for natural paints without toxic ingredients and with excellent performance, you have come to the right place! We have the right paint at the right price. NOTE:  Bio Products Factory Sales will be closed from Friday 19 April until Sunday 28 April 2019. Please contact our stockists if you need paint or oil during this time. Have a good break/weekend/s and see you after!

With BIO’s natural non toxic paint products you can decorate your home with beautiful natural colours AND reduce harmful chemicals.

By using natural paints in your home you will improve the atmosphere in your home and reduce the toxic load on your family.
You can enjoy painting again, knowing that the outcome will be all good, a fresh clean look and a healthy home. 
By using natural Bio Paint you create your own healthy environment – a home, office or workshop painted  with BIO’s natural non toxic wall paints, enamel paints, varnishes, oils and waxes, all made from natural and non toxic ingredients. You can breathe without fear of allergies or illness.

Our products are made in our factory in South Australia. All our ingredients are thoroughly checked before use in our natural and non toxic paint products.
We want your environment to be safe and healthy and also gentle to the planet and its resources.

Some good reasons to use BIO products:
1. Low Allergenic - The natural base of BIO Products allows your family to enjoy a better and healthier life-style.
2. Low Odour - naturally low odour. BIO products simply do not contain toxic chemicals. Chemicals are not masked or swamped with other chemicals/smells. 
3. Non Toxic – Makes your home and your home environment a safer place, which in turn helps to make the world a safer place.
4. Bio Products contain only renewable materials like plant oils, waxes, resins and pigments.
5. The VOC content is Extremely low. The VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in BIO's water based products are unable to be measured which means they are less than 1 gram Per Litre. In fact the only VOC in Bio Products is the lemon peel oil, which is of course non-toxic, in fact most of us drink it when we drink a lemon flavoured drink. 
6. Breathing walls – Bio paints do not seal the walls, but allow the walls to breathe which helps prevent mould growth.
7. Solvents (VOCs) – Our product range is free of dangerous solvents like toluene, xylene, glycol ether and co-solvents which are not regulated by VOC restrictions but are harmful to your health.
8. Pigments – We use earth minerals or metal pigments, which are naturally occurring substances, and result in warm and nurturing natural colours.
9. Preservatives – Natural ingredients perform perfectly as a preservative.
10. Durability and Hiding Power of  BIO Wall Paint is excellent.
11. Bio Products are easy to use, easy to clean up, and if you wish you can mix your own colours. (But don't panic, we can mix/match colours for you!)
12. Totally safe.

You always get the best and latest from our production line – as we thoroughly check the raw materials and the finished product.

We guarantee the quality of our products – or we will replace the goods.

We will help you to achieve a perfect result in your painting project. 

Call us today 1800 809448  or email bioproducts at for more information.