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Brochure of BIO PRODUCTS Australia PTY LTD

Product List


 PRODUCT LIST for Paint Products based on natural

 and non toxic ingredients


  Bio Wall Primer

  Bio Wall Paint

  Bio Wall Paint Pigments

  Bio LazurePaint(Glazing paint)

  Bio Lazure Paint Pigments

  BIOFA Euromin Silicate Paint Exterior/Interior

  BIOFA Euromin Silicate Fixative Exterior/Interior


  Bio Enamel Lacquer Undercoat water based

  Bio Enamel Lacquer Interior water based semi gloss/matt

  Bio Enamel Lacquer Interior solvent based semi gloss/matt

  Bio Enamel Lacquer Exterior/Interior solvent based gloss


  Bio Wood Primer interior/exterior

  Bio All Purpose Varnish gloss/satin

  Bio Floor Varnish gloss/satin

  Bio Wood Varnish clear interior/exterior

  Bio Wood Varnish coloured interior/exterior

  Bio Japanese Seedlac


  Bio Priming Oil

  Bio Natural Wood Oil

  Bio Red Oil

  Bio Teak Oil

  Bio Natural Timber Oil exterior

  Bio Antique Wax

  Bio Hard Floor Wax

  Bio Furniture Oil clear or coloured


  Bio Thinner

  Bio Paint Stripper

  Bio Timber Care Polish

  Bio All Purpose and Toilet Cleaner

  Bio Wood Protecting Borax Primer

  Bio Oxygen Bleach Cleaner

  Bio Household Borax